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"Feed My sheep."

John 21:17

For a generation we have preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every foothill and village around Darshan, providing rice, goats, clothing, bedding, supplies, water and well systems and more to those in need.

We ask for your help to continue to spread the Good News of Jesus and alleviate the suffering of the people here in Nepal.

Currently,Western Union is the most accessible option for us. You can send donations directly using the Western Union App or bank transfer service.

Sujan Ghimire
Siddhartha Bank
Beltar Branch

Beltar Udayapur Nepal
Zone: Sagarmatha
Zip Code: 56300

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your donation please contact Sujan Ghimire at vision320ch@gmail.com so that she can work with you to receive the funds locally here in Nepal.

Sujan is quick to respond, fluent in English and is happy to send pictures of receipts or items purchased with your donations.

For $100 USD we can feed 4 families for a month each.

We give to the most needy and vulnerable first - single mothers, widows, elderly, disabled, etc.